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Phoenix is rising in many ways. Like the mythical bird after which the city is named, Phoenix is rising from the ashes of the 2008 financial crisis that struck the Arizona economy with particular force.

Downtown Phoenix now is well underway with an increasingly rapid transformation into a livable, walkable city core. Gone are the days when nary a soul remained in the area after 6pm; bars, restaurants, and other small businesses now dot the central corridor and hum well into the night. We’ve seen an explosion in the construction of mid-rise living, driven in parts by both the light rail and by the changing preferences of Millennials and Baby Boomers alike for a more urban, cosmopolitan style of living.

The increase in density has brought increases in culture, neighborhood identity and, of course, building height. Several neighborhoods around the downtown area have formed their own identities: Melrose, Roosevelt, Encanto, Coronado, Garfield, South Central, Downtown; and several high-rise projects are either planned or already under construction.

All this activity begs to be documented, encouraged in its positive aspects, and submitted for discussion.

This blog will, to the best of its ability, document and track infill projects in and around Downtown Phoenix, follow news related to walkability and transit, and provide commentary and a platform for discussion among those who take an interest in these subjects.

I bring you Phoenix Rising.