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Founded in 1881, Phoenix is a thriving city and the capital of Arizona – not to mention the perfect place to start or relocate a business and raise a family! Today, PHX Urbanist has some great tips and resources to get you started.

High Quality of Life

Those living in Phoenix have plenty of opportunities to explore the natural beauty around them. Year-round activities make it a fantastic city for families and employees. Local attractions include:

• Camelback Mountain

• Papago Park

• Musical Instrument Museum

• Desert Botanical Garden

• Phoenix Art Museum


The Phoenix area is home to 36 colleges and universities offering a variety of programs – not to mention the many benefits of having an educated workforce! Just a few of these institutions include:

● Arizona State University

● The University of Arizona College of Medicine

● Ottawa University

● Phoenix College

As far as the education of your children goes, have no fear! Phoenix is home to a whopping 325 public schools, along with over 200 charter and private schools, meaning you’ll have plenty of options.


The median home price in Arizona is $413K. The cost of living is close to the national average, yet the average salary is $70K/year (and rising), which is a strong indicator of Phoenix’s thriving economy.

Getting Started

Several local organizations offer excellent support to entrepreneurs. These include:

City of Phoenix Small Business Toolbox

Local First Arizona

Arizona Small Business Association

There are plenty more resources that can help you, too. For instance, launching your own business can be a bit technical; luckily, this guide on how to start a company will help you make sure you have all your bases covered. And when it comes to marketing, you can save money by advertising via social media. For starters, choose a Facebook ad template to help you reach the widest possible audience.

Phoenix, Arizona: The Ideal City for Entrepreneurs

Phoenix is a great place to bring your business due to its reasonable cost of living, highly educated workforce, thriving economy, and ample support for new companies. If you’re searching for a growing town with access to major markets, Phoenix is the place for you!

PHX Urbanist wants you to be informed and involved regarding development in Phoenix. Let us know if you have any questions!