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Relocating for work

You just found out you landed your dream job in Phoenix, and now you have to move. But there’s no need to stress as long as you stay organized, make lists for everything, and file all your receipts and paperwork. Use this checklist, presented below by PHX Urbanist, to stay on track and ensure you don’t forget any essential tasks.

Two Months Ahead of the Move

  • Negotiate moving benefits with your employer. This doesn’t need to be limited to financial assistance — your employer might have resources to help find a job for your spouse or choose a school district.
  • Start the home-selling process, if applicable. Find a real estate agent to help you establish a timeline for putting your house on the market. Be sure to make any necessary repairs that could impact profits. Dealing with repairs now will make the sale much easier.
  • Start looking for a new home. Research neighborhoods, considering factors such as school district quality, housing prices, and crime rates. You may choose not to buy a house right away — it can be difficult when you aren’t living in the area yet, although a good real estate agent and mortgage lender can certainly make the process easier. If you decide to rent, look at online listings to narrow down the results by price range, amenities, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want. You can even look at a 3D tour of the apartment for some listings.

One Month Ahead of the Move

  • Hire a moving company. Decide whether to pack up your belongings yourself or choose a moving service that will do the packing for you.
  • Contact your children’s current and future schools. Administrators can help ensure that your children’s records are sent to the correct place and let you know what paperwork you’ll need for enrollment.

Two Weeks Ahead of the Move

  • Set up utility start and stop dates. Don’t get stuck with double utility costs. Contact your water, electricity, garbage, internet, and natural gas providers and let them know what date you’re moving. Be sure to contact the utility providers for both your old and new homes.
  • Set up mail forwarding with USPS. Fill out the form to have the U.S. Postal Service forward your mail, making sure you select the date of your move as the start date. Allow up to two weeks for the changes to take effect.
  • Set aside belongings that you’ll need right away. Think about what clothes, paperwork, and devices you’ll need right after your move, including for your first day of work. You may not be fully unpacked for a while, so it’s important to keep essential items with you.

A Few Days Before the Move

  • Pack your work things. On your last day of work at your current job, pack up your personal belongings, labeling the boxes carefully. Don’t forget anything you’ll need for your new job.
  • Double-check For your own peace of mind, confirm the date and time that movers will arrive, the closing dates for house loans, airline flights, if applicable, and the start dates for all jobs and your children’s schools.

Move Confidently

No matter how you choose to move, organization and communication are key.

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